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Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Plate Thickness

What is 20Cr2Ni4 Material?

20Cr2Ni4 is a low alloy carburizing steel widely used in the manufacture of mechanical parts that require high strength and wear resistance. This article will introduce the chemical composition, performance characteristics, main uses, and heat treatment process of 20Cr2Ni4 in detail to help readers fully understand this material. Carbon Steel

Wear resistant steel

What Steel Has High Hardness and Good Toughness?

This question can be roughly divided into three situations to answer: First, the hardness HRC of mold steel LG with good toughness is between 50-58. The hardness of LG mold steel is HRC56-58, and its toughness is 8-9 times that of DC53. The ability of steel to resist fracture under

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The Characteristics of the Welding Process of High Carbon Steel

The Characteristics of The Welding Process of High Carbon steel Preheating and post-heat treatment: Preheating and post-heat treatment are usually required to reduce the tendency of welding cracks. Preheating temperature: Generally between 150°C and 350°C, depending on the type of steel and thickness. Post-heat treatment: Slow cooling after welding and

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What Steel Is EM2?

What Steel Is EM2? EM2 high-speed steel is a general-purpose tool steel widely used in rolling mills and other fields. Its chemical composition includes carbon, chromium, molybdenum, tungsten, vanadium, and other elements, and the content of these elements has an important influence on its performance. EM2 is a traditional Swedish

High Speed Powder Steels

What Is Powder Steel?

Powder steel powder metallurgy is a metallurgical method using metal powder as raw material. It is a special process that uses a certain amount of metal powder to synthesize, mix, sinter, and other processes to smelt a new type of metal material that can be used to manufacture tools and

Automotive Structural Steel, Advanced Automotive Structural Steel

Carbon Structural Steel Grades

Carbon Structural Steel Grades Carbon structural steel can be divided into five grades: Q19, Q21, Q23, Q25, Q5, and Q27, with a carbon content range of 0.6-38%. Each grade is divided into several grades according to the different content of harmful impurities such as sulfur and phosphorus. The representation methods

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Comparison of Tungsten Steel and High Speed Steel

What is Tungsten Steel? Tungsten steel, also known as tool steel, refers to a type of steel alloy with tungsten as the main alloying element. Tungsten steel is highly regarded for its excellent hardness, high temperature strength and wear resistance, making it an ideal choice for a variety of industrial

China 1095 Steel Suppliers. 1095 Steel for sale, 1095 High Carbon Steel Plate

Comparison of High Speed Steel and High Carbon Steel

What is High Speed Steel? High-speed steel is a subset of tool steel, so named for its ability to cut through materials at higher speeds than carbon steel. It is known for retaining hardness and strength at high temperatures, making it ideal for cutting tools and machining operations. Get A

Engineering Machinery Steel

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