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High Strength Cold Bending Sectional Steel

High strength cold bending sectional steel takes full of the precipitation strengthening of the second phase particle, with high strength and high elongation, it is mainly applied in manufacturing carcass of passenger car, it can be used to make square tube and tube of different cross-section etc, it has good weldability and anti-corro-sion performance.

 GradeSupply grade and
Yield strength
Tensile strength
Elongation A
Bending test
QSTE700TM-LW1.5-4.0 ×900-1500mm≥700≥750≥19d=2a

Remark: 1)a is test thickness, b is width of cold bending test, d is bending diameter.

2)The direction of tensile sample is transverse, i.e. P10 sample in GB/T 228. The direction of cold bending is transverse, i.e. GB/T 232 flap type test.