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As a professional Grain Oriented Electrical Steel manufacturer and supplier, we lead advanced production technology to ensure that our products have fine grain orientation, thereby providing superior magnetic permeability and electrical performance. Our Grain Oriented Electrical Steel products are widely used in power transformers, generators, motors and other fields to provide customers with reliable solutions.

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Grain oriented electrical steel

Grain oriented electrical steel is an important material for the production of energy-saving transformers and large-scale high-performance generators. In the form of lamination, winding, or punching, it is an essential iron core material for distribution transformers, power transformers, and small transformers.

Grain-oriented electrical steel (GOES) is a specialized type of electrical steel that possesses highly oriented crystal grains, which allows it to exhibit superior magnetic properties in a specific direction. It is widely used in the construction of power transformers and other electrical equipment where high magnetic flux density is required in a single direction.

Hot-rolled grain oriented electrical steel is a self-developed product of Lianyuan Iron&Steel Co., Ltd. Since 2015, Lianyuan Steel has used the process of hot metal pretreatment – BOF- RH – continuous casting – hot rolling to produce oriented electrical steel. It can be customized and tailor-made according to customer requirements with good surface quality and prompt delivery, which are widely applied for various transformers and electrical ballasts, etc.

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GradeStatus of deliverySteel gradesCustomer processed brandApplication
Grain oriented
electrical steel
Hot-rolled coil or
pickled coil
Can be used in transformer and
ballast etc

Pickled coil can be trimmed and untrimmed.Customer’s grades after processing is related to its

Delivery Standard

Width tolerance: The length of hot rolled head and tail with tension loss is about 10 meters, of which the thick-ness beyond the GB/T709-2006 range of 0-0.005mm. Size, shape, weight and tolerance are controlled in accordance with GB/T709-2006.

Scope of Supply

Thickness (mm)width (mm)
2.0-3.0 1 2 2 1


A. ‘1’ represents that the specification is available, however, it is not mass produced; before receiving the order, it is necessary to communicate and confirm and then decide on contract review.

B. ‘2’ represents that this specification has been in mass production, so that contract review is unnecessary, but if the customer has a special requirement, a contract review should be done.

Features and Properties of Grain Oriented Electrical Steel

1. Crystal Orientation: Unlike non-oriented electrical steel, which has random grain orientation, grain-oriented electrical steel is produced in a way that aligns the crystal grains in a specific direction. This orientation enhances the magnetic properties along the rolling direction of the material.

2. High Magnetic Permeability: The aligned crystal structure of GOES results in high magnetic permeability, making it ideal for applications where magnetic flux needs to flow predominantly in one direction.

3. Low Core Loss: Grain-oriented electrical steel is designed to have minimal core losses, reducing energy dissipation due to hysteresis and eddy currents when subjected to alternating magnetic fields. This property increases the overall efficiency of transformers and other electrical machines.

4. Applications: The primary application of grain oriented electrical steel is in the production of power transformers for electricity distribution and transmission. Transformers made from GOES are more efficient and have lower losses compared to those made from other types of electrical steel.

5. Production Process: The manufacturing process of GOES involves carefully controlling the cooling rate during annealing after rolling to achieve the desired crystal orientation. This specialized process allows the material to attain its excellent magnetic properties.

Due to its specific grain orientation, grain-oriented electrical steel is generally more expensive than non-oriented electrical steel. However, its high efficiency and superior performance in power transformers justify its use in critical electrical infrastructure, contributing to the reliable distribution and transmission of electricity in modern power systems.

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