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LY Steel hot dip galvanizing line with designed annual production capacity of 380,000 ton has the capacity to produce hot dip galvanized steel and hot dip galvalume steel. LY Steel has produced excellent corrosion-resis-tance hot dip galvanized (galvalume) steel with process of advanced electrolytic cleaning, automatic scraper cleaning, online coating weight monitoring system, anti-finger print/environmental passivation roller coating,which are widely used in household appliance, construction, door, process instrumentation and automotive in-dustries.

Coated Sheet are classified into

Hot dip galvanized (GI) Sheet and Strip

Standard steel grades of Janpan, Europe and USA norm, eg. DX51D~DX56D,S220GD~S550GD,H180YD~H300YD,H260LAD~H420LAD,BH220+Z,H450DPD+Z,H600DPD+Z,SGCC,SGC400,


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Hot Dip Galvanized (GI) Sheet

Grade and Application of Hot Dip Galvanized

Hot dip galvanized sheet of LY Steel are produced from cold rolled substrate with various strength and thick-ness, hot dipped on two surfaces with a layer of metal zinc to prevent corrosion, which features in the perfor-mance of Zn electrochemical protection.

Steel gradesApplicationFeatures Executive norms
DX51D+ZCommon      bending and   formabilityThe product features in good ductility, apply for simple forming, bending and welding.EN 10346-2009
CSTYPEB+ZASTM      A653/A653M-09a
SGCCJIS G3302-2010
DX52D+ZDQThe product features in fine formability, apply to spare parts by drawingEN 10346-2009
DX53D+ZDDQThe  product  features  in  excellent  deep-drawing performance and good ductility, apply to spare parts by deep-drawing and complex forming
DX54D+ZEDDQThe product features in better ductility than DDQ, apply to spare parts by EDDQ and more complex forming.
S220GD+ZStructuralThe product features in high strength with normal processability, apply for simple forming, bending and welding.
H450DPD+Z dual-phase steelIt has good resistance to corrosion fatigue wear and corrosion resistance, have higher strength and fatigue strength, good weldability, cracking tend to be small.EN 10346-2009
H260LAD+Zhigh-strength steel Steel  strength  can  be  obviously  improved,  good machinability and corrosion resistance.EN 10346-2009
LGAF+ZChrome-freeExcellent fingerprint resistance and lubricity, can be undercoatofthickcoatingTechnical standard on
fingerprint resistance
LGDG1+ZRail steel Excellentrollformingpropertyandsaltsprayproperty,canbe appliedonguiderailandsliderailTechnical standard on
rail steel
H180YD+ZIF high strengthHighstrengthIFsteelwithgooddeepdrawabilityandstrength wasappliedinautomotivecomponentprocessing.EN 10346-2009
The product features in high strength with normal processability, apply for simple forming, bending and welding.JIS G3302-2010

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Surface Quality

Common surfaceFADetective surface is allowable, eg. Checkered bumps, dent, scratches, blisters, different micro-structure, dark spots, stripes and small passivation spots, etc. as well as tension levelling marks and zinc fluctuation marks. Cracks and slip lines is possible.
 Fine surfaceFBFB could be reached after skin pass. Small-scale imperfection is allowable, eg. tension levelling marks, skin pass marks, slight scratches, surface structure, zinc fluctuation marks and passivation defect.
Excellent surfaceFCFB could be reached after skin pass.
Non of any adverse effect of the higher-quality side on aspect after painting, the other surface shall meet the requirement of FB at least.

Recommended Standard Coating Weight

Coating patternPure zinc coating
 Uniform thicknessZ60/Z80/Z100/Z120/Z150/Z180/Z220/Z250/Z275
Differential thicknessEach side:30,40,50,60,75,90,110,125,130,150
Remark: The coils with other coating weight could be supplied through negotiation between the supply and demand sides.

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Coating Thickness

Coating thicknessPure zinc coating
 Uniform thickness30/30~135/135
 Differential thickness30~150(each side)
Remark: The maximum thickness difference ratio of differential thickness is 1:3.

Surface Post-Processing

Surface processingExplanation
ChromatizingTo prevent exposed to moisture, corrosive risk less during transporation and storage. Local color spots on surface is possible after chromatizing, without affecting any product quality.
  Chromate-free passivationTo prevent exposed to moisture, corrosive risk less during transporation and storage. The processing is characterized by the satisfaction of environment protection requirements.
Oiling Surface early corrosive risk less, to prevent corrosion during transporation and storage.
Chromatizing + oilingDouble antiseptic of chromatizing and oiling
Chromate-freepassivation+  oiling(GI)Double antiseptic of chromate-free passivation and oiling with satisfaction of environment protection requirements
Chromate-free anti-finger print (GL)One razor-thin layer of organic coating on surface provides additional anti-corrosion protection as well as finger print resistance, which could improve lubricating property during forming and act as basement of subsequent coatings with satisfaction of environment protection requirements.
Remark: Mixed processing of GI and GL is applied for the surface without identifying GI or GL.

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Performane of GI Product

Coating type 
Apply to standard punching or deep drawing, which could be selected in accordance with processing requirement
ThermotoleranceNon-discoloring for long term use at 230℃ , but color change in exceed of 250℃
Corrosion resistanceThe electrochemical protection of GI coating on steel is better than that of oil  paint  and  plastic  layer,  higher  collision-resistance  and scratch-resistance without peeling off for decades.
CoatingSmooth coating film could be obtained through selection of zinc spangle
Hot Dip Galvanized

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Anti-Corrosion Property

Hot Dip Galvanized Products
Test time350h1200h350h1200h
    Galvanizing type and weightGI,90/90g/m
Test standardASTM B117

Air Exposed Test

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Electro Galvanized VS Hot Dip

Electro-galvanization and hot-dip galvanization are two different methods of applying a protective zinc coating to steel or iron to prevent rusting. Both processes offer distinct advantages and are used in different applications depending on the specific requirements. Here’s a breakdown of the two processes:

Electro Galvanization:

  • Electro galvanization is a process that involves using electrolysis to coat a metal surface with a thin layer of zinc.
  • It is generally used for indoor applications or products that won’t be exposed to harsh environmental conditions.
  • The electro-galvanized coating is thinner than hot-dip galvanized coating.
  • The process offers a smooth and shiny finish that is visually appealing.
  • It provides excellent corrosion protection but may not be as durable as hot-dip galvanization.

Hot-Dip Galvanization:

  • Hot-dip galvanization is a process where steel is dipped into a bath of molten zinc at a temperature of around 450°C.
  • The process results in a thicker layer of zinc coating compared to electro-galvanization, providing better protection against corrosion and rust.
  • It is used for outdoor applications, particularly in environments where the steel is exposed to harsh weather and corrosive elements.
  • Hot-dip galvanized coatings are more durable and can provide long-term protection even in challenging environments.
  • The coating tends to have a duller, more matte finish compared to electro-galvanized coatings.

Choosing between electro-galvanization and hot-dip galvanization depends on various factors such as the intended use, environmental conditions, and the level of protection required. Hot-dip galvanization is typically preferred for applications where the steel will be exposed to harsh conditions, while electro-galvanization is suitable for indoor or less demanding applications.

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