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Cold Rolled Enameling Steel

Grade and Application

The cold rolled enameling steel can be divided into common use and deep drawing according to its application. The enameling steel produced in LY Steel has good drawability,weldability and enameling capability, and has been widely used for construction decorative material,heater linner, oven etc enamel manufacturing field.

Water heater liner
(DC01EK)Water heater liner
Construction decorative sheet, Cold rolled enameling steel
(LGTC1) Construction decorative sheet
Steel gradesCategoryApplication
DC01EK、DC01EK-1CQCommon use for heater liner etc
LGTC1、DC05EKEDDQFor deep drawing, used in decoration and heat exchange element etc

Product Dimension:

Nominal thickness: 0.3~2.5mm;

Nominal width:850~1585mm;

Physical Property

 GradeTensile test a,b
Yield strength /MpaTensile strength /MpaElongation after fracture A80/% not less thanElongation after fracture A50/% not less than

a.RP0.2 is applied in the case of not obvious yielding, otherwise ReL is applied.2).

b.P6 sample specified in GB/T228.1 is adopted with transverse direction.

 GradeTensile test a%b%cr90
d Not less than
n90 Not less than
Elongation after fracture A80/%
Not less than
Nominal thickness h
a.RP0.2 is applied in the case of not obvious yielding, otherwise ReL is applied.
b.P6 sample specified in GB/T228.1 is applied with transverse direction
c.Yield strength is allowed to be decreased by 20MPa when nominal thickness higher than 0.5 mm but less than or equals
d.r 90 value is only applicable to the product with thickness not less than 0.50mm. When thickness is over 1.6mm, r 90 is allowed to decrease 0.2 and when thickness is higher than 2.0mm, there is no requirement on r value.