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Medium and High Carbon Steel

Difference in Carbon Content

Medium Carbon steel

About 0.3–0.5% carbon content. Balances ductility and strength with good wear resistance; used for large parts, forgings, and auto parts.

High Carbon steel

The carbon content is approximately 0.6% to 1.0%. Very strong for springs, knives, and high-strength wires.

Ultra-High Carbon Steel

About 1.25–2.0% carbon content. Steel that can be tempered to high hardness. For special purposes such as (non-industrial) knives, shafts, and punches. Most steels containing more than 2.5% carbon are manufactured using powder metallurgy.

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Delivery standard



Technical agreement



Saw steel



Stone, metallurgy, and woodworking

saw etc

GB/T 24181、

JIS G4404、EN 10132-4

Carbon structural



SAE1020- 1086、S20C-58C、


Auto parts, tool, knife, saw

GB/T 699、SAE J403 、 JIS G4051、EN 10132-4

Carbon tool steel


Tool, knife, saw

GB/T 1298、JIS G4401

Alloy structural







auto parts, tool, knife, saw,

high strength strap,

agriculture machinery

GB/T 3077、EN 10089、

JIS G4053、technique specification

Alloy tool steel

55MnB、SKS51、80CrV2、 SAE8660、D6A、X32

Tool, knife, saw blade

JIS G4404、


Bearing steel


Wear resistant steel pipe

GB/T 18254

Available Scope

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Remark: the green area is the normal production area, and the yellow area is the dimension that must be determined whether it can be produced after the audit.

Application and Features

The medium and high carbon steel  (0 .25- 1 .0% C)is of full specifications with high toughness, high harden-ability, and high wear-resistance, which are widely used in saw blades (stone, metallurgy, and woodworking), automotive parts   (disk spring, safety lock, hose clamp, seat、gear), cutter, tool, and high strength strapping band, etc. The sheet thickness covers 1.6~20mm with a width range of 980~2050mm.

The medium and high carbon steel guarantee that the Rockwell hardness (HRC) is between 18~26 so that the turn-down edge due to over softness shall not be generated, tearing due to hard is also impossible during the processing of saw blade basement. The product performs good plasticity and can be used for automotive or tractor clutch, the high reduction can be implemented during cold rolling process.

With a good profile and high dimension accuracy, the product higher than 3.9mm in thickness can be decoiled in the most advanced domestic cut-to-length line,  which guarantees good flatness,    i.e, unfitness of decoiled/sheet <10mm/m. The unflatness of the product with thickness lower than  3mm  can  be  guaranteed  as   < 15mm/m after standrad decoiling through finishing.

The ultra-thin 1.6mm and ultra-wide 2050mm hot rolled wide strip or sheet can be supplied .

The medium and high carbon steel can be batch annealed by coil or roller hearth annealed by sheet .