Carbon Steel Plate/Sheet

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Carbon Steel Plate Suppliers In China

As one of the trusted carbon steel plate suppliers and manufacturers in China, our delivery time is about 7-25 days, and we also provide carbon steel plates with various steel options and sizes.

As a professional steel plate supplier, Huaxiao Metal specializes in producing different types of steel plates at competitive prices.

  • Thickness: 0.15mm – 700mm
  • Width: 6mm – 4,500mm
  • Delivery Time: 8-25 days

Carbon Steel Plate Specifications

  • Thickness: 0.15mm – 700mm
  • Width: 6mm – 4,500mm
  • Technology: Cold Rolled, Hot Rolled
  • Grades: S235JR/J0/J2, S275JR/J0/J2/K2, S355JR/J0/J2, SPHC/SPHD/SPHE/1010/1045/1055/1060/1075/1080/1084/1085/1090
  • Standard: JIS / EN / ASTM / GB Standard
  • Brands: Baosteel, Baotou Steel, Wuhan Iron and Steel, Hegang, Lianyuan Iron and Steel, Rizhao, Lingyuan
  • Delivery Time: 8-25 days

At Huaxiao Metal, we strive to bring customers the best products and value-added services that exceed expectations, and we have received satisfactory comments from customers in the UK, Germany, Australia, UAE, and Brazil. Professional dedication and service have made us a leader in the steel trading industry. Our wide selection of steel plates can meet your different needs for all types of applications.

Carbon Steel Plate Price, Carbon Steel Plates Manufacturers, Carbon Steel Suppliers

Carbon Steel Plate Factory

Our company has nearly twenty years of export and production experience, and we provide a wide range of high-quality carbon steel plates for various applications. Our product range includes hot-rolled carbon steel plates, cold-rolled carbon steel sheets, hot-rolled checker sheets, and tinplate. We have established long-term cooperative relationships with well-known steel mills such as Baosteel, Baotou Steel, Wuhan Iron and Steel, Hegang, Lianyuan Iron and Steel, Rizhao, Lingyuan, etc. to ensure that the steel plates meet international standards.

Huaxiao Carbon Steel Sheet Export Package

Our company adopts standard export packaging. Most of our customers from the UK, South Korea, Colombia, the United Arab Emirates, and Australia often use this kind of packaging. If customers have other packaging requirements, as carbon steel plate suppliers, we will definitely meet your package requirements.

Welcome your inquiry! We will send you the price of the carbon steel plate within 24 hours.

Common Problems of Carbon Steel Sheet

Carbon steel plates cover almost all common standards for steel plates.

1. ASTM A36 standard

The ASTM A36 standard is the most commonly used standard for carbon steel plates.

2. ASTM A283 Grades A, B, C

It is also the most common material in carbon structures.

3. ASTM A516 standard

The ASTM A516 standard is a standard for boiler and vessel steel plates.

4. ASTM A537 standard

ASTM A537 applies to heat-treated carbon steel plates in a fusion-welded pressure vessel and structural steel plates.

5. ASTM A573 standard

The ASTM A573 standard is a carbon-manganese-silicon structural steel plate.

6. ASTM A572 standard

The mechanical strength of the ASTM A572 sheet is higher than that of A36. Less weight.

7. ASTM A737 standard

The ASTM A737 standard is for low alloy steel plates for boilers and pressure vessels. etc..

Therefore, carbon steel plates have a wide range of coverage for different types of steel plates in different industries.

If you want carbon steel plate price, please free to contact carbon steel plate suppliers in China.

According to Carbon Content

  • Low carbon steel, carbon content less than 0.25%.
  • Medium carbon steel, carbon content is 0.25%-0.6%.
  • High carbon steel with a carbon content greater than 0.6%.

Manufacturing Method

  • Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Plate
  • Cold Rolled Carbon Steel Sheet

Carbon Steel Plates Thickness

  1. Thin Carbon Steel Sheet: 0.15mm-4mm
  2. Medium Carbon Steel Plate: 4mm-20mm
  3. Thick Carbon Steel Plate: 20mm-60mm
  4. Extra-thick Carbon Steel Plate: 60mm+

If you want carbon steel plate price, please free to contact carbon steel plate suppliers in China.

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