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What is 1018 Steel?

1018 steel is a type of low-carbon steel that is often referred to as “mild steel” or “plain carbon steel.” It is known for its relatively low carbon content, which contributes to its ease of machining and forming, as well as its weldability. The “1018” designation refers to the specific composition of this steel according to the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) classification system.

1018 Steel Bar  Suppliers, 1018 Carbon Steel Bar Manufacturer, China 1018 Steel Suppliers, 1018 Steel Prices
1018 Steel Bar Suppliers

1018 Carbon Steel Data Sheet

1018 Steel Chemical Composition

Here is the chemical composition of 1018 steel presented in a table format:

ElementChemical Composition (%)
Carbon0.15 – 0.20
Manganese0.60 – 0.90
Phosphorus≤ 0.040
Sulfur≤ 0.050

1018 Carbon Steel Physical Properties

Here are the typical physical properties of 1018 carbon steel presented in a table format:

Density7.87 g/cm³
Melting Point1410°C (2570°F)
Thermal Conductivity51.9 W/m·K
Specific Heat486 J/kg·K
Electrical Conductivity1.46 x 10^6 S/m
Young’s Modulus205 GPa (29.7 x 10^6 psi)
Poisson’s Ratio0.29 – 0.33

Looking Forward to Becoming One of Your 1018 Steel Suppliers

1018 Steel Mechanical Properties

Here are the typical mechanical properties of 1018 steel presented in a table format:

Tensile Strength370 – 440 MPa (54 – 64 ksi)
Yield Strength290 – 370 MPa (42 – 54 ksi)
Elongation at Break15 – 25%
Modulus of Elasticity205 GPa (29.7 x 10^6 psi)
Poisson’s Ratio0.27 – 0.30
Hardness (Brinell)126 – 183 HB

Looking Forward to Becoming One of Your 1018 Steel Suppliers

1018 Steel Equivalent

Here are some equivalent materials to 1018 steel:

  1. AISI 1018
  2. ASTM A29 Grade 1018
  3. SAE J403 Grade 1018
  4. UNS G10180
  5. EN 1.0419
  6. DIN C22E
  7. JIS S20C
  8. GB/T 20#

Looking Forward to Becoming One of Your 1018 Steel Suppliers

Advantages of 1018 Carbon Steel

  1. Machinability: One of the key advantages of 1018 carbon steel is its excellent machinability. It can be easily turned, drilled, milled, and shaped using common machining processes, making it a preferred choice for creating a wide range of components.

  2. Cost-Effectiveness: 1018 steel is relatively inexpensive compared to some other types of steel, making it a cost-effective choice for applications where high strength is not a primary requirement.

  3. Weldability: 1018 carbon steel has good weldability, which means it can be easily welded using common methods. This makes it suitable for fabricating welded structures and components.

  4. Formability: Due to its low carbon content, 1018 steel has good formability and can be easily shaped into various forms, making it suitable for creating intricate designs and components.

  5. Versatility: It’s a versatile material that can be used in a wide range of applications, from machined parts and fasteners to construction components and decorative items.

  6. Consistency: 1018 steel offers consistent properties and uniformity, which makes it reliable for manufacturing parts with predictable characteristics.

  7. Low Carbon Content: The low carbon content of 1018 steel makes it less susceptible to distortion during heat treatment and welding, contributing to its ease of use.

  8. Moderate Strength: While not as strong as some higher carbon and alloy steels, 1018 steel offers sufficient strength for many applications without being overly brittle.

  9. Ease of Heat Treatment: If necessary, 1018 steel can be heat treated to enhance its properties, such as increasing hardness. This allows for customization based on specific needs.

  10. Availability: 1018 steel is widely available from various suppliers and manufacturers, making it accessible for a range of projects and applications.

  11. Non-Corrosive Properties: Although not stainless, its low carbon content can contribute to improved corrosion resistance compared to higher carbon steels.

  12. Education and Training: Due to its forgiving nature during machining and fabrication, 1018 steel is often used in educational settings to teach machining techniques and metalworking skills.

While 1018 carbon steel offers these advantages, it’s important to note that it also has limitations, such as lower strength compared to some other steels and limited wear resistance. Therefore, selecting the right material for a specific application should consider both its advantages and limitations.

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Applications of 1018 Carbon Steel

  1. Machined Parts: 1018 steel’s ease of machining makes it a popular choice for creating a wide range of machined parts, such as bushings, couplings, spindles, and bolts.

  2. Fasteners: It is used to manufacture various types of fasteners including screws, nuts, and bolts due to its excellent machinability and moderate strength.

  3. Welded Structures: 1018 steel’s weldability and moderate strength make it suitable for constructing welded structures like frames, supports, and brackets.

  4. Automotive Components: Some automotive parts, such as axles, connecting rods, and crankshafts, can be made from 1018 steel due to its good strength and machinability.

  5. Shafts and Gears: 1018 steel is commonly used for manufacturing shafts and gears that require moderate strength and precision.

  6. Rails and Railings: Its workability and relatively low cost make 1018 steel suitable for crafting rails, railings, and balusters in architectural and decorative applications.

  7. Hardware and Tools: Various hardware components, including hinges, locks, and hand tools, can be made from 1018 steel due to its versatility and ease of fabrication.

  8. Construction Components: 1018 steel is used for construction components like beams, columns, and supports where moderate strength is required.

  9. Pipe and Tubing: It is sometimes used to manufacture pipes and tubing for applications that don’t require the higher strength of alloy steels.

  10. Agricultural Equipment: Some parts of agricultural machinery, such as plow parts, hitches, and brackets, can be made from 1018 steel.

  11. Furniture and Decor: 1018 steel’s malleability and ability to take finishes make it suitable for crafting furniture frames, decorative elements, and fixtures.

  12. Shafting and Axles: Due to its reasonable strength, 1018 steel is used for shafts and axles in various machinery and equipment.

  13. Handcrafted Items: Blacksmiths and artisans often use 1018 steel for creating handcrafted items, such as knives, hooks, and artistic pieces.

It’s important to note that 1018 carbon steel is not suitable for applications requiring high wear resistance or extreme strength, as it is a low to medium carbon steel. The choice of steel for a specific application should consider the required properties and environmental conditions.

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Why choose Huaxiao Metal 1018 Steel Suppliers?

Huaxiao Metal is one of the outstanding 1018 steel suppliers in China. Here are some reasons why people choose Huaxiao as one of their suppliers:

1018 Steel Plate Suppliers, 1018 Carbon Steel Manufacturer, China 1018 Steel Suppliers
1018 Steel Plate Suppliers
  1. Quality Assurance: Huaxiao Metal is one of the reputable suppliers in China, ensuring that the 1018 steel meets the required quality standards and specifications. Huaxiao will have a strict quality control process in place to provide consistent and reliable products.

  2. Wide Range of Products: A good supplier should provide a variety of 1018 steel products, such as sheets, plates, bars, and pipes, to meet different customer needs and applications.

  3. Competitive Pricing: Selecting suppliers with competitive pricing can help reduce production costs and increase overall profitability.

  4. Timely Delivery: We have a large stock of 1018 steel, so we can deliver on time, so a reliable supplier should have efficient logistics and inventory to ensure on-time delivery.

  5. Custom Options: The ability to offer custom sizes, shapes, and machining services is an advantage for customers with unique specifications.

  6. Industry Experience: Suppliers with extensive experience in the steel industry are more likely to understand market trends, develop relationships with steel mills, and have the expertise to provide valuable advice.

Before selecting any steel supplier, it is essential to conduct thorough research, compare multiple options and evaluate their capabilities to ensure you are working with a company you can trust.

We are proud to serve a variety of industries and we will work with you to find the right material for your job requirements. For more information, or to learn more about 1018 carbon steel, contact us today or request a 1018 steel price.

Looking Forward to Becoming One of Your 1018 Steel Suppliers

1018 Carbon Steel Related Requestions

Yes, 1018 steel is considered mild steel.

Yes, 1018 steel is generally magnetic due to its composition and crystalline structure.

Yes, 1018 steel is classified as a low carbon steel.

Yes, 1018 steel can be hardened through heat treatment processes, such as case hardening or induction hardening.

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