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Hot Formed Steel

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Hot Formed Steel

Grade and Application

Hot formed steel refers to the steel used for hot stamping. The steel was heated to above the austenite tem-perature, and was quickly moved onto the die, high temperature slab in the die can be formed and quenched during stamping ,the strength of the parts can reach to 1500MPa and above after taking into shape. this product has been widely used in manufacturing hot stamping parts such as A pillar reinforcing plate, B pillar reinforcing plate and C pillar reinforcing plate, doorsill, carling and chassis drawing structural parts.

Hot Formed Steel
Hot Formed Steel
Steel gradesCategoryApplication
LG1500 cold rolled surfaceA  pillar,B  pillar,  front  and  rear bumper, door bumper bar etc safety structural parts
Ss Mill, Stainless Plant, Stainless Mill