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Huaxiao Metal is your reliable partner and high-quality stainless steel wire supplier! As a company specializing in metal manufacturing and exporting, we proudly offer stainless steel wire rods in a variety of specifications and materials to meet your various needs.

Whether you are looking for standard specifications of stainless steel wire, or require a custom design, we can provide you with competitive prices and excellent service. We look forward to establishing a long-term cooperative relationship with you and growing together.

Contact us now and let Huaxiao Metal become your reliable stainless steel wire supplier to provide support and help for your projects!

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Stainless Steel Wire Specification

As one of the leading stainless steel wire suppliers in China, Huaxiao Metal Co., Ltd. takes pride in providing high-quality stainless steel wire products to our customers. The following are the ss wire specifications we can provide.

  • 1. Material: stainless steel (typical grades such as 304, 316, 316L, 321, 2205, etc.)
  • 2. Dimensions: 0.001″ up to 0.875″
  • 3. Standard: ASTM, ASME, EN, DIN, JIS, or other international standards
  • 5. Surface treatment: annealing, pickling, polishing, etc.
  • 6. Application: industry, construction, automobile, etc.

Are you looking for a reliable stainless steel wire product manufacturer? Huaxiao Metal Company is a leader among stainless steel wire distributors in China, offering a full range of custom wire solutions with our high-precision wire drawing and wire forming capabilities. In fact, we can manufacture round, flat, and shaped wire products to your exact requirements with fast turnaround and competitive pricing. So you can rely on us to deliver the high-quality wire you need, on your schedule and within your budget.

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Classification of Stainless Steel Wires

Stainless steel wires are classified based on various factors such as their composition, properties, and intended applications. One common classification method is based on the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) grade system. Here are some of the commonly used classifications for stainless steel wires:

AISI Grade Classification:

Stainless steel wires are often classified by their AISI grade, which indicates their chemical composition and general properties. Common grades include:

  • AISI 302/304/304L: These grades are commonly used for general-purpose applications due to their excellent corrosion resistance and good mechanical properties.
  • AISI 316/316L: These grades offer higher corrosion resistance, particularly in harsh marine environments.
  • AISI 430: This grade is known for its magnetic properties and is often used in applications requiring magnetism.
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Based on Application:

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Stainless steel wires can also be classified based on their intended application:

  • Spring Wire: Wires with high tensile strength and elasticity, commonly used for springs, clips, and other applications requiring resilience.
  • Welding Wire: Wires designed for welding purposes, often with specific compositions to ensure proper weld quality and strength.
  • Fine Wire: Thin wires used for applications like weaving, braiding, and microelectronics.
  • Cold Heading Wire: Wires suitable for cold forming processes, such as producing fasteners and screws.
  • Fishing Wire: Corrosion-resistant wires used in fishing lines and nets.
  • Aircraft Cable: High-strength wires used in aviation and aerospace applications.
  • Medical Wire: Wires with stringent quality requirements for medical devices and implants.

Based on Coating or Finish:

Stainless steel wires can have different coatings or finishes for specific purposes:

  • Bright Annealed: Wires with a smooth and shiny surface, often used in decorative applications.
  • Galvanized: Wires coated with a layer of zinc for added corrosion resistance.
  • PVC-Coated: Wires covered with a layer of PVC for insulation and protection.
  • Nylon-Coated: Wires with a nylon coating for improved abrasion resistance and durability.
Galvanized Wire, Galvanized Steel Wire

It’s important to note that the classifications can vary by region and standards organization. When selecting a stainless steel wire, consider factors such as the intended application, environmental conditions, required mechanical properties, and any industry-specific standards that might apply. Always consult with suppliers or manufacturers to ensure you choose the appropriate stainless steel wire for your needs.

Why Choose Huaxiao As Your Stainless Steel Wire Suppliers

As one of the stainless steel wire suppliers in China, we at Huaxiao Metal Corporation Limited take great pride in providing high-quality stainless wire products to our customers. Here are some reasons why we believe you should choose us as your stainless steel wire suppliers and manufacturers:

  • Wide range of stainless steel wire products: As an experienced stainless steel wire supplier, we offer a wide range of stainless steel wire products to meet the diverse needs of our customers. We provide various alloys, sizes, and grades of stainless wires to ensure that our customers can find the products they need.
  • High-quality stainless steel wire products: We have strict quality control procedures in place to ensure that our stainless steel wire products meet the required quality standards. We have advanced equipment and technology to produce high-quality SS wires.
  • Competitive pricing: We offer competitive pricing for our ss wire products without compromising on quality. We strive to offer flexible pricing options to meet the needs and budgets of our customers.
  • Efficient logistics: We have an efficient logistics system that ensures fast and reliable delivery of stainless wire products to our customers. We have a reliable transportation network that ensures the timely delivery of products to customers around the world.
  • Excellent customer service: We have a team of dedicated professionals who provide excellent customer service. We are always available to answer customer queries, offer technical support, and provide after-sales service.
As your stainless steel wire supplier, we are committed to providing you with high-quality products, competitive prices, efficient logistics, and excellent customer service. We believe that our expertise and dedication make us the ideal choice for all your stainless steel wire needs. Therefore, choose Huaxiao Metal Co., Ltd. as your stainless steel wire supplier, and let us exceed your expectations.

Stainless Steel Wire Stock

As one of the professional stainless steel wire suppliers, we have a wide range of stainless steel wire stocks for sale, which can quickly meet customer needs. Our inventory includes stainless steel wire for sale of various specifications and materials, such as 304 stainless steel wires, 316 stainless steel wires, 430 stainless steel wires, etc., as well as stainless steel wires of various thicknesses and widths to meet the needs of different customers. If you need high-quality stainless steel wires, our stock products can certainly meet your needs. Whether you need a spot purchase or customized production, we can provide the best products and services to make you rest assured and satisfied. Please contact our sales team for more information on stainless wire stock.

Package of Stainless Steel Wires

We are one of the professional stainless steel wire suppliers in China, committed to providing customers with high-quality products and services. As a trustworthy supplier, we attach great importance to the packaging of stainless steel wires to ensure that the product is not damaged during transportation.

In the picture on the left, you can see the export packaging of our stainless steel wires. Our packaging process complies with international standards and can be customized according to customers' special needs.

As one of the stainless steel wire suppliers in China with many years of experience, our professional team will do our best to provide customers with the best products and services. We know that every detail matters to our customers, so we keep improving our services to meet our customers’ needs. We look forward to working with you to provide you with the best stainless steel wire and related services.

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