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Automotive Structural Steel

Automotive structural steel is mainly used in parts or security parts in passenger cars and commercial cars, normally customers require it to be pickled. The key process for this kind of material is drawing, thus the material is required to be with high ductility, high precision of thickness, and good shape.

Automotive Structural Steel
Automotive Structural Steel

The delivery standard of the common structural steel is Q/OHAC 807-2016 common automotive structural steel sheet and strip. The delivery standard of the high-strength structural steel is Q/OHAC 811-2016 high-strength automotive sheet and strip.

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Automotive Structural Steel
Automotive Structural Steel

Grade and strength

Common structural steel

 GradeTensile strength, MpaElongation,%180°
Bending property
L0=50mm Longitudinal
Note: The product should be used as soon as possible due to its aging effect.

a)Longitudinal sample should be used for tensile test, i.e P14 sample in GB/T 228.1;

b)the property guarantee period is 6 months.

High strength structural steel

Strength grading (yield strength, Mpa)Q/OHAC 811SEW092DIN EN 10149.2
Main gradesMain gradesMain grades

Mechanical property

Yield Strength classification, MpaYield strength Tensile strength Elongation after fractureCold bending test

Rel, MPa

Rm, MPaA50% (h<3.0mm)A% (h≥3.0mm)180° ,b=35mm
QSTE340TM≥340420~540≥21≥25d=0 .5a, Qualified
S355MC≥355430~550≥19≥23d=0 .5a, Qualified
QSTE380TM≥380450~590≥20≥23d=0 .5a, Qualified
QSTE420TM/S420MC≥420480~620≥18≥21d=0 .5a,Qualified
QSTE500TM/S500MC≥500550~700≥13≥17d=a, Qualified
QSTE650TM/S650MC≥650700~880≥10≥11d=2a, Qualified
QSTE700TM/S700MC≥700750~950≥10≥11d=2a, Qualified

Remark: 1)a is refer to the thickness of the sample, b is refer to the width of the cold bending sample, and d is is referring to the bending diameter.

2)The direction of the tensile test sample is longitudinal, i.e. P14 sample in GB/T 228.1 when h <3.0 mm. P10 sample in GB/T 228.1 when h ≥3.0 mm. The direction of cold bending is transverse, i.e. GB/T 232 flap type test.

3)The yield strength can be reduced by 20MPa for a thickness of more than 8mm.