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China Copper Coil For Sale

As one of the oldest copper coil suppliers and manufacturers, Huaxiao Metal’s copper coils have excellent thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, strength, ductility, and wide temperature resistance.

Huaxiao Metal offers a full line of precision copper coils suitable for almost any application. Our copper coils are made from a variety of copper alloys, including composites. It can be produced in standard sizes or customized to your specific requirements. Our copper coils are manufactured to major international specifications and tighter tolerances are available on request. We offer a variety of plating and coatings, edge treatments, special surface conditions, shaped rolls, and multiple packaging options to meet our customers’ requirements.

As an excellent copper coil supplier, we have a large copper coil production factory. If you need to buy copper coil products, you can fill out the form to contact us and we will provide you with competitive copper coil prices.

Copper Coils Available For Sale

  • Grades: C11000, C10100, C10200, C12000, C14300, C14420, C14530, C44300, C70600, C71500, C17510, C19210, C19400
  • Thickness: 0.15mm – 6.35mm
  • Width: 3mm – 1,220mm
  • Surface Finishes: Oil-free surface, Electroplating, Hot-dip tin plating, Deburred or rounded edges, Bright and polished surfaces, Coil with protective coatings, Profiled coil by either milling or stamping
  • Standard: ASME, SAE, AMS, AWS, FED, MIL, QQ, ISO, BS, AFNOR and JIS.


Copper Coil Application

Copper coils are used in a wide range of applications across various industries due to copper’s excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, and malleability. Here are some common applications of copper coils:

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems:

Copper coils are used for heat transfer and conduction of refrigerants in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. The high thermal conductivity properties of copper coils help to effectively remove or release heat and maintain system temperature control.

Heat Exchangers:

Copper coils are used in a wide variety of heat exchangers, including those in industrial processes, automotive radiators, and solar water heating systems. Copper's thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance make it an ideal material for heat exchangers.

Electric Motors and Transformers:

Copper coils are used in the manufacture of electromagnetic coils in electric motors, transformers and generators. Copper coils play a key electromagnetic role in these devices.

Electronic Equipment:

Copper coils are used in inductors, chokes, and transformers in electronic equipment for power supply and circuit control functions.

Art and Decoration:

Copper rolls can also be used in the production of art and decorations, and artists and craftsmen can use them in sculptures, jewelry designs, and home decorations to take full advantage of copper's plasticity and aesthetic value.

Where To Buy Copper Coil And Find Reliable Copper Coil Suppliers?

First of all, where to buy copper coils is not very important. What is important is how we inspect the manufacturers of copper coils. The following are 12 points that our company should pay attention to when choosing copper coil manufacturers and suppliers.

1. Product Quality: Ensure the supplier produces high-quality copper coils that meet industry standards and your specific requirements. Check if they have certification or quality control processes in place.

2. Experience and Reputation: Look for suppliers with a proven track record and positive customer reviews. Experienced suppliers are more likely to provide reliable products and services.

3. Price Competitiveness: Compare prices from multiple suppliers to ensure you are getting a competitive and fair price for the copper coil you need.

4. Production Capacity: Evaluate whether the supplier has the ability to meet your needs for copper coils. You don’t want to face delays due to insufficient production capacity.

5. Lead Time: Ask about lead time for manufacturing and delivery. Make sure the supplier can meet your project timeline.

6. Technical Support: Determine if the supplier provides technical support or assistance with product selection, customization, or troubleshooting.

7. Certification and Compliance: Ensure suppliers comply with industry standards and regulations. They should be able to provide documentation to demonstrate compliance.

8. Location and Logistics: Consider the location of your supplier and its impact on transportation and logistics. Efficient shipping saves time and costs.

9. Customer Service: Evaluate the vendor’s responsiveness and willingness to resolve your questions and concerns. Good customer service is crucial to a smooth business relationship.

10. Sustainability: If sustainability is a priority for your business, ask your suppliers about their environmental practices and whether they offer environmentally friendly options.

11. Payment Terms: Understand the vendor’s payment terms and whether they fit within your budget and financial requirements.

12. References: Request references or customer testimonials to gain insight into the vendor’s performance and reliability.

Before making a decision, it is recommended to conduct due diligence and, if possible, visit the supplier’s facilities, request samples, and thoroughly review any contracts or agreements. This process will help you select a reliable copper coil supplier that meets your specific needs and standards.

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