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Aluminum Wire for Sale

As one of the trusted aluminum wire suppliers and manufacturers in China, our delivery time is about 7-25 days, and we supply aluminum wires with various steel options and sizes. As a professional aluminum wire manufacturer, Huaxiao Metal specializes in producing different types of aluminum wires at competitive prices.

Huaxiao Metal specializes in the production of high-end aluminum wires and various products. Please contact us today and we look forward to becoming one of your best aluminum wire suppliers!

Aluminum Wire Specifications

1) Alloy Serious: 1xxx/2xxx/3xxx/5xxx/6xxx/8xxx

2) Diameter: 0.5mm-15mm

3) Length: Roll

4) Alloy Temper: HO,H12,H14,H16,H18,H19,H22,H24,H26,H28,F,H112,T651,T3,T451, T4,T6, ect.

5) Craft: Cutting, hemming, arc bending, welding, grinding, spraying, forming

6) Surface: Mill finish, no stains, without rough selvage, Anodizing

7) Certificate: ISO9001, CE, SGS, etc

Looking Forward to Becoming One of Your Aluminum Wire Suppliers

Aluminum Wire Suppliers and Factory

Shanghai Huaxiao Metal Co., Ltd. is a professional aluminum wire manufacturer and supplier with excellent quality and reasonable prices.

Shanghai Huaxiao Metal Company focuses on the research and development of different grades of aluminum wire. The 1xxx series is mainly used for steelmaking deoxidation and aluminum extrusion pipes. 3xxx for automotive condensers. 5xxx is used for rivets, 6xxx is used for cables, etc. The hardness varies from F to T4, T6, etc. to meet different applications.

If you would like to know more about our aluminum wire or other aluminum products, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Huaxiao has established long-term cooperative relationships with well-known steel mills such as Baosteel, Baotou Steel, Wuhan Iron and Steel, Hegang, Lianyuan Iron and Steel, Rizhao, and Lingyuan to ensure that aluminum wires meet international standards.

Aluminum Wire for Sale – Empower Your Projects Now!

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Aluminum Wire Suppliers, Aluminum Wire Manufacturers, Aluminum Wire For Sale

Characteristics of Aluminum Wires

Aluminum wire is widely used in various applications due to its unique properties. Some of the key characteristics of aluminum wire include:

  1. Lightweight: Aluminum wire is lightweight, making it ideal for applications where weight is a concern, such as in the aerospace industry.

  2. High electrical conductivity: While not as conductive as copper, aluminum has a high electrical conductivity, making it suitable for many electrical applications.

  3. Corrosion resistance: The aluminum wire has a natural oxide layer that provides it with good corrosion resistance, making it suitable for outdoor and marine applications.

  4. Ductile: Aluminum wire is relatively ductile, allowing it to be easily formed into different shapes and configurations.

  5. Non-magnetic: Aluminum is non-magnetic, making it suitable for applications where magnetic interference must be minimized, such as in electrical and electronic systems.

  6. Affordable: Aluminum is generally more cost-effective than copper, which can make it an attractive option for various applications where cost is a significant factor.

  7. Thermal conductivity: Aluminum has excellent thermal conductivity, making it suitable for heat transfer applications, such as in heat exchangers and cooling systems.

  8. Recyclable: Aluminum is highly recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly choice and contributing to sustainable manufacturing practices.

It is important to note that while aluminum wire has numerous advantages, it also has some limitations, such as a lower tensile strength compared to copper, which may impact its use in certain applications. Additionally, aluminum wire connections require specific techniques and materials to ensure safety and reliability, as it can be more prone to issues such as oxidation and thermal expansion.

Looking Forward to Becoming One of Your Aluminum Wire Suppliers

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Applications of Aluminum Wires

Aluminum wires find extensive use in various industries and applications due to their specific properties and advantages. Some common applications of aluminum wires include:

  1. Electrical transmission and distribution: Aluminum wires are frequently used in power transmission and distribution systems for their high electrical conductivity and lightweight properties. They are commonly employed in overhead power lines and electrical cables.

  2. Construction: Aluminum wires are used in the construction industry for various applications such as wiring in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. They are often used for internal wiring, electrical panels, and other electrical systems within structures.

  3. Automotive industry: Aluminum wires are utilized in the automotive industry for various purposes, including wiring harnesses, electrical components, and automotive power systems. Their lightweight nature helps improve fuel efficiency and overall vehicle performance.

  4. Aerospace industry: The aerospace industry extensively uses aluminum wires due to their lightweight properties. They are used in aircraft wiring, electrical systems, and other applications where weight reduction is crucial for enhancing overall performance and fuel efficiency.

  5. Heat transfer and cooling systems: Aluminum wires are used in heat transfer applications such as heat exchangers, radiators, and cooling systems. Their high thermal conductivity allows for efficient heat dissipation and transfer, making them suitable for various cooling and heat management systems.

  6. Marine applications: Aluminum wires are used in marine environments due to their corrosion resistance properties. They find use in marine electrical systems, shipbuilding, and various other applications where resistance to corrosion from saltwater and moisture is essential.

  7. Consumer electronics: Aluminum wires are employed in various consumer electronic products, including smartphones, computers, and other electronic devices. Their lightweight nature and high electrical conductivity make them suitable for use in various internal components and wiring systems within electronic devices.

  8. Renewable energy: Aluminum wires are utilized in renewable energy systems such as solar panels and wind turbines due to their lightweight nature and ability to conduct electricity effectively. They play a crucial role in the electrical components and wiring systems of renewable energy infrastructure.

These applications highlight the versatility of aluminum wires across diverse industries and underline their importance in modern technological advancements.

Aluminum Wire for Sale – Empower Your Projects Now!

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Huaxiao Aluminum Wires Export Package

Our company adopts standard export packaging. Most of our customers from the UK, South Korea, Colombia, the United Arab Emirates, and Australia often use this kind of packaging. If customers have other packaging requirements, as aluminum suppliers, we will meet your package requirements.

Shanghai Huaxiao Metals are packaged and labeled according to regulations and customer requirements. Avoid any possible damage during storage or transportation. In addition, the outside of the packaging is clearly labeled for easy identification of product ID and quality information.

1) Shanghai Huaxiao Metal export standard packaging

2) Customized packaging

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