Wear Resistant Steel Plate - NM400 NM450 NM500 NM600/AR400 AR450 AR500 AR600

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Delivery Standard of Wear Resistant Steel Plate Supplier

Steel gradesLY Steel norm
AR/NM300/NM300TPGB/T 24186-2009/ASTM A514/A514M
NM400/AR400GB/T 24186-2009/ASTM A514/A514M
NM450/AR450GB/T 24186-2009/ASTM A514/A514M
NM500/AR500GB/T 24186-2009/ASTM A514/A514M
NM600/AR600GB/T 24186-2009/ASTM A514/A514M

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Scope of Supply Wear Resistant Steel Plate Manufacturer Supplier

Steel Grades Tensile Direction TS (Typical value)MPa Elongation rate A50% Brinell hardness HBW Supply Dimension(mm)
NM300 NM300TP

Wear Rresistant Steel Grade

Wear resistant steel is a type of steel that is specifically designed to have higher resistance to abrasive wear. Some commonly used grades of wear resistant steel plate include:

  • XAR 400
  • XAR 450
  • XAR 500
  • XAR 550
  • XAR 600
  • Bisalloy
  • Raex
  • Dillidur
  • Creusabro

These grades differ in terms of their composition, hardness, and resistance to wear, making them suitable for various applications, such as construction, mining, and manufacturing.

Super Wear-Resistant Steel NM450SP

Grade YS(MPa) Typical Value TS(MPa) Typical Value Elongation after fracture% Typical Value HBW Typical Value

The wear resistance property is enhanced by the precipitation of super hard TiC particle, its hardness and physical property is equivalent to NM450, but its wear resistance can be 1.6 or more times NM450 and 1.3 or more times NM550.

Wear Resistant Steel, corrosion resistant steel, wear resistant steel plate supplier

Wear-Corrosion Resistant Steel

Steel Grades TS(MPa) Typical Value Elongation after fracture% HBW Medium Supply Dimension(mm)
Atmospheric corrosion resistance

On the basis of wear-resistant steel, we develop wear-corrosion-resistant steel which resists acid and atmospheric corrosion. Its lifetime is two times longer than that of common steel (Q345). The sheet could be applied to sanitation truck bodies, the new-type slurry pipeline for port construction, dredging engineerings, reclamation, desilting, and ore pulp transportation like pulverized coal, ore, and oil sand.

Wear Resistant Steel, corrosion resistant steel, wear resistant steel plate supplier Wear Resistant Steel, corrosion resistant steel, wear resistant steel plate supplier

High Toughness Wear Resistant Steel


Tensile strength(MPa)

typical value

Elongation after



shock absorption energy

Quantity (-20℃) Code

Type value (vertical) J

Supply Dimension, mm






2.0~25.4 × 1000~2000


High Manganese Austenitic Wear Resistant Steel


Yield strength


typical value

Tensile strength(MPa)

typical value



Supply Dimension, mm

delivery status








(1000~2000) *


water toughness

This grade will be in single austinite after water toughening with good ductility and toughness. Austinite on the surface quickly turns to martensite when the sheet surface is impacted or pressed, generating work hardening, so that the sheet surface will have high wear resistance. The steel is widely used on mining equipment, machinery manufacturing, such as shot blasting machine, big jaw crusher. Its lifetime is several times longer than that of alloy iron astings Mn13, largely increasing equipment efficiency. Both mechanical properties and appearance catch the level of imported like product.

Application and Features of Wear Resistant Steel

The NM series quenched and tempered steel produced in Huaxiao Steel is thin in gauge, good in shape, with stable properties and quality as well as high production efficiency. This series of products is applied to medium and heavy trucks, dump trucks, garbage collection trucks, concrete mixers, industrial fans, hoppers, crushed aggregates, etc. The property, quality, and delivery technical specification of wear-resistant steel in Huaxiao Steel have reached the level of similar import products from abroad, taking the leading position in China.

Wear resistant steel

  1. Construction: Wear-resistant steel is often used in construction equipment, such as bulldozers, excavators, and backhoes, where it is subjected to high levels of wear and tear.

  2. Mining: Wear-resistant steel is used in the mining industry for components such as chutes, liners, and hoppers, which are subjected to abrasive wear from the movement of ore, coal, and other materials.

  3. Manufacturing: Wear-resistant steel is used in manufacturing for components that are subjected to high levels of wear and tear, such as dies, molds, and punches.

The thickness and the dead weight of the product can be greatly reduced by using Huaxiao Steel’s product to replace common structural steel, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Compared with the original dumper, the actual dead weight of the U-shape dumper is processed with NM400 or NM450. The weight of the carriage can be reduced by around 50% compared to the previous condition. The application of NM300TP rather than 520JJ can significantly improve the corrosion resistance of the barrel and rotary vane in the concrete mixer, with corrosion resistance reaching to two times 520JJ, which can greatly improve the lifetime of the concrete mixer.

Wear Resistant Steel, corrosion resistant steel, wear resistant steel plate supplier

The strength of NM450 can reach more than three times of structural steel Q345, the wear resistance can be improved by 2 to 3 times of Q345, thus the lifetime of the sheet can be elongated greatly. The wear-resistant steel produced in Huaxiao Steel can not only replace imports but also be exported to countries and regions like South Korea, South America, and South Africa.

Wear Resistant Steel Property

The wear-resistance steel produced by Huaxiao Steel possesses excellent wear-resistance properties, comparing wear-resistance properties between Huaxiao Steel and foreign well-known manufacturers.

The data table of a sliding wear test on NM400

WearingNM400 (μm) NM400
Average thickness loss Relative wearability

The data table of a sliding wear test on NM450

Table Abrasive wear test result without impact

Grade Impact energy/JQuality before wear/gQuality after wear/gWear loss/gRelative wearability

Table Abrasive wear test result without impact

Grade Wear time/hQuality before wear/gQuality after wear/gWear loss/gRelative wearability
NM4503616.62430  16.600130.024171.093


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