Wear Resistant Steel - NM500 AR500 Steel Plate

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Delivery Standard of Wear Resistant Steel Plate Supplier

Steel gradesLY Steel norm
NM500/AR500GB/T 24186-2009/ASTM A514/A514M

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Scope of Supply Wear Resistant NM500 Steel Plate Manufacturer Supplier

Steel Grades Tensile Direction TS (Typical value)MPa Elongation rate A50% Brinell hardness HBW Supply Dimension(mm)

AR500 NM500 Steel Composition

AR500Composition Range0.30% – 0.40%1.20% – 1.60%Up to 0.025%Up to 0.025%0.15% – 0.35%Up to 0.50%
NM500Composition Range0.38% – 0.45%1.20% – 1.60%Up to 0.025%Up to 0.010%0.20% – 0.40%Up to 1.00%

Wear Rresistant Steel Grade

Wear resistant steel is a type of steel that is specifically designed to have higher resistance to abrasive wear. Some commonly used grades of wear resistant steel plate include:

  • XAR 400
  • XAR 450
  • XAR 500
  • XAR 550
  • XAR 600
  • Bisalloy
  • Raex
  • Dillidur
  • Creusabro

These grades differ in terms of their composition, hardness, and resistance to wear, making them suitable for various applications, such as construction, mining, and manufacturing.

Wear-Corrosion Resistant Steel

PropertyAR500 SteelNM500 Steel
Hardness (BHN)470-530470-550
Abrasion resistanceExcellentExcellent
Corrosion resistanceModerateModerate to high
ApplicationsMining, construction, manufacturingMining, construction, manufacturing

Please note that the properties listed above are general characteristics and may vary depending on specific product variations and manufacturing processes. It is always recommended to consult the manufacturer’s specifications for precise information.

Wear Resistant Steel, corrosion resistant steel, wear resistant steel plate supplier Wear Resistant Steel, corrosion resistant steel, wear resistant steel plate supplier

Application and Features of Wear Resistant AR500 and NM500 Steel

Certainly! Here are the applications and features of AR500 and NM500 wear-resistant steel:

Wear Resistant AR500 Steel Plate:


1. Armor plating: AR500 steel is commonly used in the production of armored vehicles, military equipment, and protective structures.
2. Target systems: AR500 steel plates are used in shooting ranges and target systems due to their ability to withstand repeated impacts from projectiles.
3. Wear plates: AR500 steel is utilized in applications that involve high abrasion, such as chutes, hoppers, and crushers in mining and construction industries.
4. Bulletproof vests: Due to its exceptional hardness and toughness, AR500 steel is sometimes used in the manufacturing of bulletproof vests for personal protection.

Wear resistant steel, AR500 Steel Plate


1. High hardness: AR500 steel exhibits a hardness range of 470-530 Brinell Hardness (BHN), providing excellent resistance against penetration and deformation.
2. Exceptional toughness: It possesses good toughness, enabling it to withstand repeated impacts and resist fracture.
3. Superior abrasion resistance: AR500 steel is specifically designed to resist wear and abrasion from harsh materials like rocks, gravel, and sand.
4. Weldability and machinability: AR500 steel offers good weldability and machinability, allowing for ease of fabrication and customization.
5. Through-hardened: AR500 steel maintains its hardness throughout the entire thickness of the plate, ensuring consistent performance.

NM500 Wear Resistant Steel:


1. Mining equipment: NM500 steel plates are used in mining machinery, including excavator buckets, dump truck trays, and crushers, to withstand abrasive materials.
2. Material handling: It is suitable for applications involving material handling equipment like conveyor systems, chutes, and wear liners.
3. Construction machinery: NM500 steel is employed in the construction industry for equipment exposed to high wear, such as bulldozer blades and loader buckets

Wear resistant steel


1. High hardness: NM500 steel possesses a hardness range of 470-550 Brinell Hardness (BHN), providing excellent resistance against wear and abrasion.
2. Good toughness: It exhibits good toughness, allowing it to withstand impact and deformation.
3. Moderate to high corrosion resistance: NM500 steel offers moderate to high resistance against corrosion, making it suitable for applications in corrosive environments.
4. Weldability and machinability: NM500 steel is known for its good weldability and machinability, enabling ease of fabrication and processing.
5. Through-hardened: NM500 steel maintains its hardness throughout the entire plate thickness, ensuring consistent performance and wear resistance.

It’s important to note that both AR500 and NM500 are designed for wear resistance rather than ballistic protection against high-velocity projectiles. For ballistic applications, specialized armor steels should be used.

Wear Resistant Steel AR500 Steel Plate Property

Certainly! Here are the properties of AR500 steel plate in a list format:

– Hardness: Typically has a hardness range of 470-530 Brinell Hardness (BHN).
– Toughness: Exhibits good toughness, allowing it to withstand repeated impacts and resist fracture.
– Abrasion resistance: Designed to resist deformation and penetration from abrasive materials.
– Through-hardened: Maintains its hardness throughout the entire thickness of the plate.
– Weldability: Offers good weldability, allowing for ease of fabrication.
– Machinability: Exhibits good machinability, making it easier to work with.
– Formability: Can be formed and shaped to suit specific application requirements.
– Durability: Provides excellent durability and wear resistance.
– Applications: Commonly used in industries such as mining, construction, and manufacturing for applications that require high abrasion resistance.

Please note that AR500 steel is not intended for ballistic protection against high-velocity projectiles.


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