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Indonesia Dexin Steel No. 3 1780m³ blast furnace

Indonesia Dexin Steel No. 3 1780m³ blast furnace hot blast pipe was successfully hoisted into place

At 10:18 a.m. on September 24, the 1780-cubic-meter blast furnace hot air enclosure pipe of No. 3 blast furnace was successfully hoisted and put into place by the first phase expansion of Indonesia Dexin Steel Co., Ltd., Nanjing Company of China No.19 Metallurgical Group. Hoisting provides important conditions for the project to shift from furnace shell construction to furnace body frame installation and also provides a strong guarantee for promoting the overall construction process of the project.

It is understood that the annular diameter of the blast furnace hot blast surrounding pipe hoisted this time is 18.4 meters, the central elevation is 18.85 meters, and the total weight of the surrounding pipes and platform supports is 54 tons. Under the influence of the epidemic, the blast furnace hot blast pipe was assembled at Tianjin Port in early June, and it took more than three months before it was transported to Morowali County, Central Suwei Laxi Province, Indonesia for unloading at the port.

In order to ensure the progress of the project, the project team keeps a close eye on the domestic shipping situation. After the components arrive at the port, they will organize a special team to unload the ship overnight. During the construction process, the project team actively organized the backbone forces to invest in the work tasks, seized every opportunity, sacrificed personal rest time, and worked in 24-hour shifts. Finally, the assembly of the hot air enclosure was completed with high quality and quantity, and it was successfully hoisted into place at one time. Highly recognized and praised by the owner.​

Next, the project team will continue to carry forward the “Western Iron Army” spirit of “obeying the party’s command, being loyal and responsible, hardworking and dedicated, and bravely creating miracles” to ensure safety, quality and progress, and build a cutting-edge brand of metallurgical blast furnaces with high-quality projects. (Source: China 19th Metallurgical Group Co., Ltd. Nanjing Branch)



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