The heat load test run of the pickling and rolling unit of Shanxi Jingang Cold Rolling Project was successful

The heat load test run of the pickling and rolling unit of Shanxi Jingang Cold Rolling Project was successful

At 11:18 am on October 10th, the first main production unit of Shanxi Jinshan Steel Cold Rolling Project contracted by MCC Jingcheng-the pickling and rolling unit heat load test run was successful at one time. The product thickness, plate shape, and surface All production indicators such as quality have exceeded the product quality requirements, marking that the construction of the cold rolling project has entered a new stage of hot testing.

Major leaders such as Xue Qingbin, Deputy General Manager of MCC Jingcheng, Gao Yunzheng, Secretary of the Party Committee of Jinsteel Group, Wu Yuntian, Vice President, Zheng Pinyuan, Chen You, Zhou Yuhui, and other key leaders attended the scene to witness. Song Ping, Chief Engineer of Jinsteel Group, announced the first roll of Shanxi Jinsteel Group’s pickling Go offline successfully.

The pickling-rolling unit is one of the ten largest production units in the Shanxi Jingang cold-rolling project contracted by MCC Beijing Chengcheng and is the core unit for realizing the quality assurance of the entire cold rolling process. This unit adopts MCC Jingcheng’s own and domestic leading equipment and technology, which represents the highest level of domestic pickling-rolling combined units.

Since the contract came into effect, the cold rolling project department of MCC Jingcheng Jinsteel has led all participating units and suppliers to overcome the dual impact of the epidemic and rain. The actual construction period was less than 15 months, which was completed 50 days earlier than the contract period. Created a record for the shortest construction period of the same type of project.

This unit implements the idea of ​​”large-scale, continuous” equipment, adopts high-efficiency laser welding, high-tension tensile scale breaking, shallow groove turbulent pickling, turret trimming, high-precision five-stand six-roll cold tandem rolling, high-speed International advanced technologies such as rotating hub flying shear, concentric double coiling, AC frequency conversion main drive, pickling and rolling control model, etc., under the premise of ensuring high product surface, high precision, high equipment stability, and low energy consumption in production It can achieve a maximum pickling speed of 240m/min and a maximum rolling speed of 1500m/min for stable operation.

Shanxi Jingang Cold Rolling Project is the first domestic full-process cold rolling project general contracting project undertaken by MCC Jingcheng. The project covers 1 combined pickling rolling line, 3 continuous hot-dip galvanizing lines, 1 color coating line, and degreasing. -Covering back-finishing production system and corresponding public auxiliary facilities. This project has realized the three-level leap and expansion of the cold rolling business of MCC Jingcheng from the traditional single-unit EP supply to the full-process core unit EP cluster supply of the cold-rolling unit to the complete full-process cold-rolling project EPC general contracting model.

A new model for the construction of MCC Jingcheng cold rolling. This project is also a way for Jinsteel Group to take advantage of the full-process production system, extend the industrial chain, build an equipment steel industrial cluster in Shanxi Province, and realize the four transformational development of Jinsteel Group’s “green environmental protection, diversified high-end, circular and efficient, and intelligent manufacturing” Strong support.

The cold rolling project department of MCC Jingcheng Jinsteel adheres to the general requirements of “high state, high standards, high starting point, and great achievements”, strengthens the mainline of on-site construction, and actively fulfills its construction commitments with the strength and responsibility of the national metallurgical construction team. Using the spirit of a contract to achieve lean management, with the strong support of Shanghai Baoye, Chengye Engineering, Jingcheng Star, Pratt (China), Changzhou Baoling and other participating construction parties, it has created the domestic cold rolling construction Jingcheng Speed, uses practical actions to help the transformation and development of Jingang Group, and write a new chapter of cooperation and win-win!



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