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Benxi Steel successfully developed the nitriding automotive steel 31CrMoV9

Benxi Steel successfully developed the nitriding automotive steel 31CrMoV9

At the beginning of October, Benxi Steel reported that the group had successfully developed the nitriding automotive steel 31CrMoV9 that complies with EU standards. At present, two batches of 900 tons of this product in trial production have been delivered to users, and user feedback is good.

Since the beginning of this year, high-profit and high-value-added products with good market growth space and product life cycle have become the focus of Benxi Iron and Steel’s R&D and production. Nitriding automotive steel 31CrMoV9 is one of the representatives.

As a typical grade of nitrided steel, 31CrMoV9 steel is a representative grade in the EU standard EN10085. After quenching and nitriding treatment, the surface hardness of the product can reach 800 Vickers hardness or more. It has high hardenability and excellent toughness, wear resistance, fatigue strength, and corrosion resistance. It is suitable for manufacturing precision hydraulic pistons and connections. Shafts, gear rings of wind power transmissions, and other important deep-nitriding parts, with product specifications ranging from 35 mm to 80 mm in diameter, are highly profitable.

In order to ensure the success of the one-time trial production, the technical staff of Benxi Steel Plate Research and Development Institute started with special inspection standards such as streamlined tests to study and solve the problems of steel core segregation, strength, and toughness, and surface defect control. By studying and analyzing the interaction and compound effects between elements, they put forward reasonable chemical composition control requirements, and worked with the plate special steel plant personnel to study and optimize the refining and continuous casting process technology, and improve the heating, and control rolling, and steel annealing process. Finally, the finished product meets the needs of users.

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