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Jinhai 1050mm Stainless Steel Production Line Project

Jinhai 1050mm stainless steel full continuous rolling green production line project completed and put into operation

On November 15, Changzhou District held a ceremony for the centralized start and completion of major projects in the fourth quarter of 2022 and the completion and commissioning of the Jinhai 1050mm stainless steel full continuous rolling green production line project.

Tao Guoming, Secretary of the Changzhou District Committee, Tang Yunkai, Deputy Leader of the Working Team of Guangxi Industrial Revitalization Commissioner in Wuzhou City, Yang Zhengpei, Changzhou District Chief, Zuo Shengxian, Chairman of the Changzhou District Political Consultative Conference, Li Juan, Chairman of Jinhai Stainless Steel Co., Ltd., and Wang Wenhui, President, etc. attended the ceremony.

Tao Guoming announced that the Jinhai 1050mm stainless steel full continuous rolling green production line project was completed and put into production.

There are 10 projects in this concentrated start and completion activity, with a total investment of 3.708 billion yuan and an annual planned investment of 880 million yuan, including 4 new projects and 6 completed projects.

The Jinhai 1050mm stainless steel full continuous rolling green production line project was carried out on the site, in order to complete the project, the total investment of 760 million yuan, will produce more, wider, thinner, and better steel strip materials after the project are put into operation, and the production capacity will also be reduced from the original From 600,000 tons to 1.2 million tons, the output value has increased by more than 7 billion yuan, helping Wuzhou City to extend the entire industrial chain of stainless steel products.

At the ceremony, Tang Yunkai, on behalf of the Guangxi Industrial Revitalization Commissioner’s work team in Wuzhou City, congratulated the projects that were started and completed. It is hoped that Changzhou District will take major projects into production as a new starting point, relying on major projects, leading enterprises and key entrepreneurs in the stainless steel park, focus on expanding investment, optimizing structure, strengthening the chain, supplementing the chain and extending the chain, and continuing to expand the scale and efficiency of the park.

Create an influential stainless steel manufacturing base in China. The task force will, as always, create favorable conditions for the construction, commissioning, and effectiveness of major projects in Changzhou District and provide high-quality services.

Yang Zhengpei said that Changzhou District will take this event as an opportunity to plan, build and develop the industrial revitalization position of Wuzhou Changzhou Stainless Steel Products Industrial Park, and regard the construction of major projects as the gravitational engine of high-quality economic and social development, for the sake of Project construction creates the best environment, provides the best services and implements various guarantees to ensure the efficient progress of the project.

After the ceremony, Tao Guoming and his party walked into the production workshop of Jinhai Company to investigate the production and development of the park and the enterprise.

It is reported that the Jinhai 1050mm stainless steel full continuous rolling green production line project is an advanced and intelligent stainless steel continuous rolling line of the same specification in China undertaken by leading enterprises in various fields.

It integrates domestic and foreign advanced software and hardware systems to realize operation automation, management, control integration, and logistics Informatization, the Jinhai 1050mm stainless steel full tandem rolling project has been fully built into a full-life-cycle digital “smart factory” featuring factory digitization, intelligent equipment, flexible production, and intelligent decision-making.



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