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Development of Super Duplex Steel 25Cr-110KSI Seamless Steel Tube

Handan Xinxing Special Pipe "Development of Super Duplex Steel 25Cr-110KSI Seamless Steel Pipe" was selected as a provincial science and technology plan project

Recently, the Science and Technology Department of Hebei Province announced the results of the special project approval of the provincial science and technology plan for 2022. The “development of super duplex steel 25Cr-110KSI seamless steel pipe” project of Handan Xinxing Special Pipe Co., Ltd. was approved by the Provincial Science and Technology Department to strive for financial science and technology funds. 800,000 yuan, which can drive enterprises to invest 3.2 million yuan in scientific and technological research and development.

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ASTM A789 A789M

In recent years, with the development of the petroleum, natural gas, chemical, and other industries, the demand for pipelines is increasing, especially in the field of oil exploration, which has put forward higher requirements for the anti-sulfide corrosion performance of stainless steel pipes, which requires the production of stainless steel pipes.

The pipe industry should be market-oriented, develop and utilize stainless steel pipes with moderate prices and excellent performance to meet the growing market needs, and at the same time establish their own brands in the industry. In recent years, nickel-based alloy pipes such as UNS N08825 and UNS N10276 have been widely used in the petrochemical industry, but the high price of such pipes has discouraged many users. The phase steel pipe came into being.

The “development of super duplex steel 25Cr-110KSI seamless steel pipe” project mainly explores the relationship between the cold working deformation and performance of the super dual-phase steel 25Cr-110KSI seamless steel pipe and realizes the purpose of controlling the performance of the finished product through the cold working deformation. The implementation of this project will fill the technical gap of domestic cold-deformed high-strength duplex stainless steel seamless pipes and prepare technical reserves for the processing of 110-grade super duplex steel pipes in my country.

The domestic market demand for the selected materials is relatively high, but not yet The mature technology of steel grade pipes can quickly occupy the market after successful development, break the international technological monopoly on this product, and effectively improve the innovation ability and level of high-end equipment manufacturing industry, and drive the high-quality development of Xinxing Casting Pipe Co., Ltd. industry.



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