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Zhang Xuan Hi-Tech develops new steel materials for high-end special materials

Develops new steel materials for high-end special materials

Zhang Xuan Hi-Tech further promoted the “two structural optimizations”, leveraging the group’s technology research and development platform, focusing on all-around cooperation with HBIS on product research and development, production and sales, and technical services.

As of the end of October, it has successfully developed 13 specifications of hot work die H13 steel, developed cold work die steels Cr12MoV, Cr12, and DC53, and successfully forged more than 20 new special steel materials such as high-temperature alloy GH4080A rolling billets. The accumulated technical experience has created good conditions for fully entering the domestic high-end materials field.

Strengthen the docking with HBIS Steel Research Institute, increase the training of new technology and new equipment, focus on special material product metallographic inspection projects, exchange and learn with HBIS Steel Research experts in the form of on-site practical exchanges, and comprehensively improve the level of metallographic inspection. Provide reliable data support to improve the quality of special materials.

Cooperate with the experts of HBIS Steel Research Institute to develop high-end products, provide guarantee for the trial smelting of various specifications and varieties from the technical level, jointly formulate the raw material ratio plan, optimize the process operation control, and guide the smelting and production of special material products. HBIS steel research experts and special material production line technicians especially went to the production line to track and record relevant data, supervise the process, ensure that the smelting process is in place, and realize the research and development of high-end new materials such as hot work die steel H13 series products.



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