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Thailand’s Response to China Hot Rolled Steel Plates

Thailand initiates ADD sunset review investigation on China hot rolled steel plates

On June 20, 2022, the Department of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand issued an announcement stating that in response to applications submitted by domestic enterprises on February 9, 2022, china hot rolled steel plates (Thai: เหล็กแผ่นรีดร้อนชนิดเป็น ม้วนและไม่เป็นม้วน, refer to English: Flat Hot Rolled in coils and not in coils) to initiate the second anti-dumping sunset review investigation.

carbon steel cold rolled coil sheet plate strip SPCC, China Hot Rolled Steel Plates
Carbon Steel Cold Rolled

The Thai customs code of the product involved is

72081000020、72081000030、72081000040、72081000090、72082500021、72082500022、72082500023、72082500031、72082500032、72082500033、72082500090、72082600011、72082600012、72082600013、72082600021、72082600022、72082600023、72082600090、72082719011、72082719012、72082719013、72082719090、72082799011、72082799012、72082799013、 72082799090、72083600011、72083600012、72083600013、72083600021、72083600022、72083600023、72083600031、72083600032、72083600033、72083600041、72083600042、72083600043、72083600090、72083700022、72083700023、72083700024、72083700025、72083700041、72083700042、72083700043、72083700051、72083700052、72083700053、72083700071、 72083700072、72083700073、72083700090、72083800022、72083800023、72083800024、72083800025、72083800032、72083800033、72083800034、72083800035、72083800041、72083800042、72083800043、72083800051、72083800052、72083800053、72083800071、72083800072、72083800073、72083800090、72083990022、72083990023、72083990024、72083990025、

72083990032, 72083990033, 72083990034, 72083990035, 72083990041,

72083990042, 72083990043, 72083990051, 7208 3990052、72083990053、





72085200031、72085200032、72085200033、 72085300011、72085300012、





72111311000、72111319000、72111413010、 72111413020、72111413030、




72111919030、72111919090 (Revised December 24, 2021).

During the investigation of the case, anti-dumping duties at the current tax rate will be levied on the products involved in the form of deposits, and the validity period will not exceed one year. The announcement will take effect from the day after it is issued.

Stakeholders should apply for a questionnaire to participate in the investigation within 15 days of the announcement, and submit case comments and evidence within 30 days.

On June 16, 2010, Thailand launched an anti-dumping investigation on hot rolled steel plates originating in China and Malaysia. On August 12, 2011, Thailand made a final anti-dumping ruling on the case and decided to impose anti-dumping duties of 30.91% and 23.57%-42.51% on the products involved in the case from China and Malaysia, respectively, based on the CIF price. On June 23, 2016, Thailand initiated the first anti-dumping sunset review investigation on hot rolled steel sheets originating in China and Malaysia.

On June 23, 2017, Thailand made an affirmative final ruling on the sunset review of the case and decided to continue to levy anti-dumping duties on the products involved in China and Malaysia for a period of five years, maintaining the original tax rate unchanged, valid until June 22, 2022.



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