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Jiuquan Steel’s first roll of galvanized high-strength automotive steel rolls off the assembly line

Jiuquan Steel's first roll of galvanized high-strength automotive steel rolls off the assembly line

Recently, the first coil of galvanized automobile high-strength steel J260YD+Z of Jiuquan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. rolled off the production line at Hongxing Co., Ltd. Carbon Steel Sheet Plant. Jiuquan Iron & Steel’s galvanized product family added a new member.

Compared with cold-rolled ordinary sheets for automobiles, galvanized automobile sheets have excellent corrosion resistance and are widely used by automobile manufacturers. In recent years, the JISCO Carbon Steel Plate and Strip Research Institute has done a lot of work in the field of cold-rolled automotive steel, but they have concentrated on cold-rolled high-strength steel, automotive stamped mild steel, and other general cold fields, and galvanized automotive sheets have not been involved. The development of a high-strength galvanized automotive sheet, combined with the development trend of automotive steel, meets the national automotive lightweight development requirements. The new products of JISCO galvanized high-strength steel for automobiles are mainly high-strength galvanized sheets without interstitial atoms for automobiles.

After two months of market research and preliminary laboratory research and development by the R&D team, the galvanized automobile high-strength steel was trial-produced on the No. 2 galvanized production line of the carbon steel sheet plant for the first time and succeeded. The first volume of the product was rolled off the line. During the on-site test, R&D personnel tracked the whole process to ensure that the test went smoothly. After testing, the test product’s mechanical properties are up to the standard, the surface quality is excellent, and the plastic processing index is good. The finished galvanized automobile high-strength steel will be sent to a user in Chongqing for trial molds, and R&D personnel will continue to follow up.



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