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24/7 Customer Support

A572 Gr50 Hot Rolled Steel Plates to Colombia

A572 Gr50 Hot Rolled Steel Plates to Colombia

In April, our company exported a total of 677.27 tons of A572 Gr50 Hot Rolled Steel Plates to Colombia. Please see the specific export details below.

3.5 mms x 1500 x 6200260.36 
4.0 mms x 1850 x 9100156.69 
5.5 mm x 1650 x 9500203.47 
7.5 mm x 1850 x 950052.11 
12 mms x 1650 x 1200052.89 
15 mms x 1650 x 1200051.75 

Hot Rolled ASTM 572 Gr50 Carbon Steel Plate

If you have any questions about hot rolled carbon steel, please free to contact us.

A572 Gr50 Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Plate Package

We usually use standard export packaging. If customers have other packaging requirements, please communicate in advance, and we can meet them.

BL of ASTM 572 Gr 50 Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Sheet

MTC of ASTM 572 Gr50 Carbon Steel Plates

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