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How to choose the quenching heating speed of 7075 aluminum plate?

Today, Huaxiao Xiaobian will introduce to you how to choose the quenching heating speed of 7075 aluminum plates. Huaxiao Metal Co., Ltd. is a production and sales enterprise of aluminum plates, aluminum strips, bars, and aluminum tubes. Sheets, coils, bars, aluminum tubes, and other products.

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1. The heating rate of the heat treatment process can damage the cold work hardening crystallization specifications of the heat treatment process, because the second phase is conducive to the cold work hardening component to be supercooled, and the high heating rate can ensure that the whole process of cold work hardening is caused before the second phase melts, thus It is beneficial to improve the nucleation rate and obtain this kind of cold work hardening crystallization, so the rapid heating method should be adopted.
2. From the viewpoint of improving production efficiency, rapid heating should also be used, because it can reduce heat treatment time, save energy and improve production efficiency.

3. When the heat treatment process commodity product has large specifications and models, complex shapes, large wall thickness differences, and large furnace loadings, if the heating rate is too fast, it is very likely that the heating will be opaque or uneven. There is a temperature difference in the core, which causes a very large thermal stress, and the heating rate should be controlled at this time.

4. When using single-stage enhanced heat treatment and tempering in the extremely high strength 7075 aluminum plate, the heating rate should be controlled, and the temperature should be raised at a slow rate. Generally, the temperature should be raised to 460~470°C at a rate not higher than 60°C/h, and then change the temperature control. Above 480°C, the purpose is to heat and temper all the AIZnMgCu phases with a low melting point, in addition, the S phase can be better melted, and the metal material can be prevented from causing coarse crystals.



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