Adjust the price of hot rolled products – Korea

Tighter supply Korean importers and distributors are adjusting unit prices of hot rolled products

Korean media reported that some stainless steel importers and distributors are adjusting the unit prices of products such as hot rolling.

From the 17th, the sales price of 304 HRC will increase by 50,000 won/ton for companies planning to raise prices. In addition, the 5-foot hot rolling surcharge was raised from KRW 50,000 to KRW 100,000.

Since September, the supply of hot-rolled materials at home and abroad has tightened, confirming that some steel mills have basically used up their remaining quotas this year. Therefore, the inventory of hot-rolled materials, including 5-foot materials, is unbalanced, and the hot-rolled selling prices of some companies are expected to continue to rise.

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