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The first hot-rolled TC4 titanium alloy coil of JISCO Stainless Steel was successfully rolled

Recently, the hot-rolling operation area of the JISCO Stainless Steel Branch successfully rolled out the first coil of TC4 titanium alloy hot-rolled coil, further expanding the field of JISCO stainless steel products.

TC4 titanium alloy is a metal with the characteristics of low density, high specific strength, high heat resistance, and low-temperature resistance -200°C. Because of its excellent comprehensive performance, it is widely used in aerospace and chemical industries and is the most used in the world.

The largest two-phase titanium alloy, the product is currently dependent on imports for a long time. However, the hot-working temperature range of TC4 titanium alloy is narrow, and the hot-rolling process is prone to cracks. The original stainless steel and alloy rolling process cannot meet the rolling requirements of TC4 titanium alloy.

To this end, the Stainless Steel Branch set up a research group, organized a hot rolling operation area, technical quality room, and research institute technicians to conduct many technical discussions, through the pilot test, combined with the actual hot rolling to study the regulations, rolling mathematical models and possible problems The treatment of abnormal conditions was sorted out, and the alloy was repeatedly simulated on-site. Before rolling, the operators on the post were trained on the key points of the alloy’s process technology.

This batch of two coils of TC4 titanium alloy was successfully rolled, and the surface quality after rolling, thickness, dimension accuracy, and plate shape all meet the standard requirements, expanding the field of JISCO stainless steel products.



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