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Brazil’s countervailing affirmative final ruling on China aluminum plates

On December 21, 2022, the Executive Committee of the Foreign Trade Commission of the Ministry of Economy of Brazil (GECEX) issued Resolution No. 431 of 2022, on aluminum plate products originating in China [Portuguese: produtos laminados de alumínio (chapas, tiras efolhas)] Made an affirmative final ruling on countervailing and decided to impose countervailing duties on the products involved in the case in China for a period of 5 years. Among them, Neuman (Xinhui) Alloy Materials Co., Ltd., Neuman Holding (HongKong) Ltd. are 14.88%, and other manufacturers/exporters are 14.93%. Due to domestic public interest, this measure is suspended until March 31, 2023. The resolution takes effect from the date of publication. Mercosur tax codes of the products involved in the case are 7606.11.90, 7606.12.90, 7606.91.00, 7606.92.00, 7607.11.90 and 7607.19.90.

The following products are not applicable to the countervailing measures in this case:

a) Aluminum plate for graphic industry;

b) Foil-type aluminum sheets for capacitors;

c) Aluminum support sheet;

d) Aluminum sheets for the production of automotive radiators (with casings);

e) Aluminum plates for the production of aluminum beverage can bodies, aluminum lids, and aluminum rings;

f) Aluminum plate for aviation industry;

g) aluminum composite panel (ACM);

h) aluminum sheets for the manufacture of printed circuits;

i) Aluminum plates for corrosion resistant paint heat exchangers (commercially known as gold fins);

j) Aluminum plates for heat exchangers with a hydrophilic coating (commercially known as Bluefin coating)

k) specularly reflective coated aluminum panels; and

l) Aluminum plate for printing.

On June 21, 2021, the Brazilian Foreign Trade Secretariat issued Announcement No. 43 of 2021 in the “Federal Government Gazette”, stating that at the request of the Brazilian Association Associação Brasileira do Alumínio (Abal), a countervailing investigation was initiated on aluminum plate products originating in China. .



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