Special Steel Bar/Wire Rod

Huaxiao offers different sizes and grades of bar and wire rods.

What is Special Steel?

Special steel is made by adding various elements to iron.
We make it have various characteristics such as heat resistance, hardness, and corrosion resistance.

Special steel is used for parts or manufacturing and maintenance parts for a variety of applications, from automobiles and other transportation equipment essential to modern society to everyday household appliances and smartphones and other precision equipment.

Oil Refinery

Available Specification:


SAE / AISI / ASTM A2 / D2 / D3 / H21 / H13 / H10 / T1 / M2 / M35, etc.

Standard Size

Round Bar : OD : 3 ~ 600 mm, cold-drawing, hot-rolled, hot-forged
Flat Bar : TH 10 ~ 90 mm * Width 60 ~ 550 mm * Length 2,500 ~ 5,800 mm
Black : TH 100 ~ 700 mm * Width 100 ~ 1,300 mm * Length 500 ~ 5,800 mm
Commercial Forged Steel: OD : 70 ~ 200 mm, Length : 3 ~ 12 M
Condition: Annealing, Normalized, Quench + Temper
Surface : Black Finish, Peeled, Rough Turned

Special Steel Manufacturing Process:

special steel, Special steel manufacturing process

Huaxiao Metal Steel commercializes wires and bars mainly through processing (such as drawing, cutting, and heat treatment). To ensure high quality, we use ultrasonic and eddy current testers to detect internal and surface defects of each product.

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